Flutter State Management – Endless Possibilities!

Recently I got back to Flutter with an idea for a cross-platform mobile app. The developer experience of both Flutter and Dart is second to none, but the myriad of state management options can give anybody a headache. Where to start? What to settle on? Provider? Riverpod? Redux? BLoC? GetIt? MobX?

I am still deciding!

So, it will not be one more of those many posts arguing for the superiority of one of the approaches over the other. Instead, I would like to share what I have done to help me figure it out in case it is helpful to you.

To help compare the pros and cons of the different approaches to state management in Flutter, I have implemented a simple application multiple times in many different ways. I still don’t know which one is better, but I know how they differ. The code is available on GitHub. Have a look. Make up your own mind.